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A conservation and renovation project to breathe a new soul to a place of authenticity and grace: Kashan project was aimed to create a holiday home and place for the gathering of the loved ones. Kashan a historic town 240km south of Tehran provided a unique setting for this inspiring job. The town suffered a massive earthquake in 1778 during the Safavid reign after which point many of the original buildings were leveled. The site of this project however saw various uses since then, primarily as a textile factory with Qajari influences. The renovation project aimed to bring back the glorious aesthetic of the original building while creating a modern, minimal space for contemporary use as a residential single-family house.

In contrast to traditional houses in Kashan, this building provided the opportunity to sport a very spacious living area, this was utilized by eliminating the interfering featuring and then creating a rather seamless area to be used as a living room, incorporating a modern kitchen and open, airy sitting and dining areas. A master bedroom and guest rooms were also created using other spacious areas of the original factory.

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